Smoke on Water, Connaught Place, Review

Smoke on Water is a resto-bar in Connaught Place with a 4 star rating on Zomato and 4.4 rating on Dineout. Even though I no longer value the ratings from these sites, I still thought, it might just be alright and visited it last night.

smoke on water

The décor of the place was decent, but I found it really strange that each table had a TV with a sports channel on, apart from a large TV for the entire restaurant and I felt this destroyed the ambiance completely.

smoke on water

smoke on water

smoke on water

The service, on the other hand, was fine for the most part.

However, what wasn’t fine was the food, not even by a long shot! Add to that, the food menu is extremely limited and in comparison, the bar menu is 4x the size.

We first ordered Chinese Spring Rolls; they were oily, too crisp, lightly burnt, chowmein inside was cold, wasn’t very tasty and the sauce sucked as well!

spring roll

Mushroom Duplex too wasn’t good and without much flavor and oily, though better than spring rolls!

mushroom duplex

Spaghetti Aglio Olio was okish at best and quite spicy! Thankfully the garlic bread was good.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Even the cranberry juice wasn’t tasty!

In terms of beer, only Kingfisher drought, Bira white and blonde and Desperados, a tequila flavored beer was available. I tried Kingfisher drought, it was light but ok, but the Desperados was delicious.


Overall, I was thoroughly disappointed with my experience at Smoke on Water, because apart from garlic bread and Desperados, I couldn’t actually term anything good! But I guess another thing is good about them, their rating on Zomato and Dineout.


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