Chaukori Travelogue Published in The Traveller Trails

There are some journeys which are more special than the others and remain ingrained in our hearts vividly forever. One such journey was my trip to Chaukori in Uttarakhand.

A trip where I let my destiny take control of my wandering through monsoon drenched Kumaon and through a chance of events, take me to Chaukori, even though neither I nor the bus I had boarded from Haldwani, were destined to travel to.

Travelogue of this journey has been published in The Traveller Trails travel magazine’s July-September 2018 issue.



This travelogue is extremely close to my heart for a variety of reasons but more so due to the fact that it taught me the importance of letting go and trusting the journey and the universe to lead us to the places and things we love…

So make sure to check out my travelogue in this issue of The Traveller Trails, I am sure you will love it and you will also find other travelogues and travel tips in this issue quite interesting and helpful.


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