The Merwara Estate Hotel, Ajmer, Restaurant Review

We came across The Merwara Estate Hotel while exploring Ajmer and in particular, Ana Sagar Lake. Overlooking the Daria Daulat Bagh, The Merwara Estate is an impressive looking palace/hotel/resort/Kothi or whatever you want to call it. So much so, that we knew we had to go in for a dekho and have a cup of coffee there.


Driving in, we were impressed by the sheer size and splendor of the estate. It was only when we moved into their restaurant, Sizzles that we became a little disenchanted.

Don’t get me wrong, their indoor restaurant looks impressive.


However, the moment you step outside, it seems a little dated and unkempt.


The panoramic view more than makes up for it and you get a great view of the Ana Sagar Lake and Daulat Bagh. However, since it is located at a vantage point, and Ajmer City traffic is quite loud, you don’t get the feeling of serenity.



We reached the restaurant around 4:30 pm and at that time, fairly limited options were available. Not even juices or mocktails were available. So we ended up ordering a cold coffee, lassi and a hot coffee.


All the drinks we ordered were priced between Rs. 140 to 190, which considering the size of the restaurant and hotel are fairly priced. Add to that, the coffees were delicious as well, especially the cold coffee that I had. The lassi was just about fine.

The service, on the other hand, was just about ok and didn’t seem to know the menu well enough to understand the order initially.

A major negative was the washroom, which didn’t have toilet paper nor liquid soap. Only a small soap bar was present, which was dirty, to say the least. Certainly not what one would expect from a good hotel.

Overall, our experience of The Merwara Estate was a mixed bag.

While I loved the view from their Sizzle Restaurant and also the coffee, the hospitality and upkeep of the place left a lot to be desired. Though to be fair, we were just there for over an hour and hence had a fairly limited experience.

However, one thing I can say for certain, if I want to have coffee in Ajmer or want to just chill with a good view of the lake, I’ll likely go back to The Merwara Estate.

The Merwara Estate
Daulat Bagh,
Ajmer 305001
Rajasthan (India)
Tel: (+91) 9001123333, 9829953333
Email: [email protected]


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