Narayan Café, Pushkar, Review

As Narayan, Neha and I, strolled through the streets of Pushkar, looking for a place to have lunch, we came across the Narayan Café.

Narayan seeing a café with his name on, went on to pose with the board and even met the owner, who was also named Narayan.


Narayan Café and its owner, Narayan with Narayan photobombing the photo of Narayan-Narayan and making it Narayana-Narayan-Narayan :D.


To cut the long story short, we decided to have our lunch there and while I ordered Banana Pancake which came with Banana Lassi and Coffee, Narayan ordered set breakfast which consisted of peanut-butter toasts, fresh fruits, pineapple juice, and coffee. Eventually, Neha too ordered a mixed-veg cheese sandwich.

The banana pancake that I ordered was an Indianized version of pancake and tasted more like a sweet banana roll than a pancake with honey. However, it tasted fine and the banana lassi too was good.


Peanut-butter toast and fresh fruits were good as well, so was the coffee and pineapple juice.


Mixed-veg Cheese Sandwich was absolutely delicious! And one of the better versions of grilled cheese sandwiches I have had till date with a generous quantity of cheese.


In the end, we really enjoyed the food we ordered. However, the service was nonchalant at best, with cafes owner having to call the server to take orders.

There were also plenty of flies on the table, so even in winter we had to keep the ceiling fan on, in order to keep them at bay and frankly speaking, that marred the experience somewhat.

Food was decently priced usually in the range of around Rs. 200 for set breakfasts and had decent portion size. Though Rahul dined there a day later and didn’t like the pasta. So it might be the case that their set breakfasts are good, but not the mains.

Overall, I found Narayan Café to be a good place to have breakfast, especially when you’re beginning to explore the market. Since it is conveniently located in the middle of it and allows you to soak in the beautiful chaos of Pushkar while having food.


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