Café Lake View (Rooftop), Pushkar, Review

The Café Lake View in Pushkar is one café I visit each and every time I travel to Pushkar and have been doing that for past several years. I have even organized BCMTouring Meets there during the camel fair time.



So why do I visit the Lake View Café on a regular basis?

Well, for one the view from the café is amazing, irrespective of whether you’re visiting the café during the day or at night. Add to that, the chilled out atmosphere and the music generally played here is perfectly in sync with the vibe of Pushkar.


The icing on the cake, of course, is that the food is more or less good as well (consists mainly of Italian and Indian Cuisines). It has remained good consistently over the years, while other places have seemed to lost their vibe as well as good food.

Having said that, food especially pastas and pizzas can be a little bland for the taste of Indians and at the same time, don’t have that authentic Italian taste either and are somewhere in between.

However, they are still pretty decent and the wood-fired oven pizzas aren’t exactly paper thin or too crisp, which makes them tastier than the papads that generally gets passed around for pizzas from wooden ovens.

pesto pasta



The Indian food too is just about alright, nothing finger licking good here, but good enough to be palatable and satisfy the hunger.

As it is the case in Pushkar, only vegetarian food is available here and there are plenty of types of shakes, juices, and teas that you can try here as well apart from the food.



The real charm of this café lies in its banoffee pie, which is delicious and better than what you can usually get in Delhi-NCR. I haven’t tried their other desserts. However, if they are anything like the banoffee pie, they ought to be good as well.

banaoffee pie

The service, for the most part, is a little on the slow side, as is generally the case in Pushkar and food preparation takes time as well. So make sure to keep that in mind while ordering food. Additionally, the last order is taken before 9 pm and the staff is generally in a hurry to close the restaurant.

Overall, I really like the Café Lake View and have spent quality time here, chilling out and enjoying good food, conversations and views. And for that alone, I would visit this café again and again.


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