Rajasthali, Connaught Place, Restaurant Review

Rajasthali is a restaurant in Connaught Place, which sells only Rajasthani Thali. There is nothing on the menu, except the unlimited Rajasthani Thali with a variety of Rajasthani and well, not so Rajasthani Dishes.

I had been thinking about visiting Rajasthali for a while now and when I met Otsal (a friend from Leh) in CP yesterday, we decided to head to Rajasthali for dinner.


The Rajasthani Thali Served at Rajasthali has a variety of dishes. Even though I waited until the thali was full to click this photograph, it still was not complete, since the rice and khichdi were served later!


All in all, there were 6 types of subzi, kadi, and dal, daal – baati, churma, gajar ka halwa, custard served along with 3 types of chutney, 3 types of roti, samosa, khaman dhokla, rice, khichdi, papad, salad, and chaach.

Add to this, everything was unlimited and roti, khichdi, and daal-baati were served with a generous topping of ghee.

Of course, the taste was not authentic Rajasthani in case of many dishes or at least the sort of flavors you will normally find in places like Udaipur or Jaisalmer. However, all the dishes were well cooked and delicious. They had a sort of North-Indian flavor to it that most people in Delhi would actually end up liking.

Having said that, I was disappointed with Lahsun Ki Chutney, since it was not spicy at all. Plus the custard didn’t really belong in a Rajasthani thali, though to be fair, they had just run out of halwa.

The service, for the most part, was prompt and courteous. Though all of them seemed to be in a bit of hurry, which was not needed since most of the tables were empty when we went there.

Ambiance too is nice and typical of a family restaurant, though it is not a big restaurant.

Priced at Rs. 350 (including GST), the Rajasthani Thali served at Rajasthali was fulfilling and delicious. Though I really wish, it had more authentic flavors of Rajasthan and the local dishes like Ker Sangri.

Having said that, for this price in Delhi, you cannot go wrong with Rajasthali and I will surely be visiting this restaurant again in future.

C-26, Middle Circle,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi
Phone: +91-9650075395


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