The Irish House, Noida, Review

It has been a while since RD had been pestering me to visit The Irish House. So this Sunday, we decided to do just that and visited The Irish House located on the 4th floor of DLF Mall of India in Noida (they also have branches in Connaught Place and Nehru Place.)

The décor of The Irish House is quite good, with even the entrance having a barrel styled décor.


However, once inside, sadly the theme isn’t carried over.



It is a huge place and even though it was a Sunday night and quite a few people were there, it didn’t feel crowded or congested, thanks to its sheer size.

However, it did not feel like a place where one would come to dance or party loudly, even though a couple of ladies on the table next to ours, were certainly trying to do that. Since almost everyone else was busy in conversations, while enjoying their food and drinks, loud music felt out of place. Having said that, music selection was good.

The service, for the most part, was good and courteous. However, serving of food and beverages took a long time.

The Hummus Veg Platter we ordered was delicious with the paprika hummus, falafels, and Mediterranean salad being the stars of the show.


The Great Irish Fish n Chips were fine as well and fish was well cooked and even though coleslaw was a little on the sweeter side, but still good.


The Salted Caramel & Apple shake was a huge disappointment.


While the Winter’s Call (whiskey and spiced apple juice, served hot) was a delicious concoction, perfect for sore throats and was full of spices, though seemed a little low on whiskey.


We also ordered Bacardi Cate Blanc (large) before 8 pm, when their 1+1 was applicable on the entire bar menu. However, it seemed a little diluted.


Our bill for The Hummus Veg Platter, The Great Irish Fish n Chips, The Salted Caramel & Apple shake, Winter’s Call and large Bacardi Cate Blanc came out to be Rs. 2,616, inclusive of taxes and 10% service charge.

Overall, I quite liked The Irish Café and would love to go back there again, not only for the food but also for the cocktails, which they seem to make quite well.


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