Skyhouse, Logix Noida, Review

Over the past couple of years, the nightlife of Noida has gotten better rapidly, with plenty of new cafes and pubs opening up in the city. One such pub is the Skyhouse, located on the roof of Logix City Center Mall in Sector 32, Noida.

Skyhouse Logix City Center Mall Sector 32 Noida

Most of the resto pubs at the roof of Logix were crowded on Saturday night and a couple of them were playing music so loud that it was impossible to sit there and relax. Even though the live band was playing at Skyhouse when we went there and later the DJ started playing, music thankfully was not loud and one could have a conversation without shouting.

The ambiance of the Skyhouse was unique and nice; I especially loved the decor above the makeshift sort of dance floor and tables along it. Though we sat, further away on the cozier sofa section, since it was quieter and more comfortable.

Skyhouse Logix City Center Mall Sector 32 Noida

Skyhouse Logix City Center Mall Sector 32 Noida

Coming to service, it was good and prompt initially. However, later on, it seemed a tad slow, even though number of patrons were almost the same as earlier. Table manners of servers left a lot to desire since they preferred to leave plates where it was easy for them, rather than in front of us and did not clear the table, once we finished one of the dishes!

We ordered a Mezze Platter, Gardenia Pizza, and a Budweiser light.

Our order of Mezze Platter was served quickly, though apart from falafel, nothing else was good on that platter. Falafel were crisp and spicy. Humus was too dry and devoid of olive oil and fatayer felt too bland and cold. On top of it, pickles had no taste!

mezze platter skyhouse

Gardenia Pizza was bland and seemed to have an overdose of vegetables with no flavors of its own. On top of it, it took quite a while to arrive at our table and was lukewarm, when served to us!

gardenia pizza skyhouse

Budweiser was well, Budweiser, but considering the taste of food and service that seemed to be getting slower, we decided to avoid ordering any further drinks and danced a little, before heading out.

Overall, I really like the ambiance and the crowd of Skyhouse, it is sad that it was let down by the food and the service. Our bill for Mezze Platter, Gardenia Pizza and a pint of Budweiser came out to be Rs. 1,345, inclusive of 10% service charge.

Skyhouse Bar & Cafe
5th Floor Logix City Centre Mall,
Sector 32, Noida
Phone: 9871582779


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