German Bakery, Naggar, Review

If there is one thing I love about Naggar apart from the views, Castle and the pollution free environment; it is the delicious food and cakes being served by the cafes and bakeries there.

One such place serving good food with a good vibe is the German Bakery, located a short distance from the Naggar Castle.


Even though the food menu is limited here (more options are available at their upstairs restaurant), there are enough options for lunch and dinner, unless you are planning to have a three-course meal or need Indian food.

At the German Bakery, we ordered Fresh Plum Juice, Ginger Lemon Honey Tea, Green Tea Pot, Veg Pizza, Veg Burger and Cheese Sandwich.

The Plum Juice seemed fresh and was delicious.

plum juice

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea was good as well, especially the honey, though not in the same league of what you can find in Leh.

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

Green Tea was amazing and rose flavoured. It was light and refreshing with just the right amount of flavour. Each pot has enough tea for two cups and you can get it topped up with more water, to have even more cups!


The Pizza was a little soggy i.e. it seemed like it was cooked earlier and warmed and served to us. But it had good flavours.


Burger was delicious and the sauce it came with was finger licking good!

veg burger

The sandwich was good as well, though it was not like the usual cheese sandwich you would have in India. They used a different type of cheese, which was not melted and tasted quite good with the vegetables.

cheese sandwich

Overall, the food as well as the vibe was fabulous. Sadly, though, I could not try one of the numerous cakes on offer, though they too looked delicious.

Our bill for the above food came out to be Rs. 650, which in my view was quite cheap, especially for such a delicious dinner.


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