Ghoomar Traditional Thali Restaurant Review

Ghoomar Traditional Thali Restaurant. We stumbled across this sign, while trying to find a place to dine at in Connaught Place. There was nothing available on the menu, except the traditional Rajasthani Thali, though menu was extensive for take-away and delivery.


Since we had already tried out Rajasthali, a similar restaurant, 100 meter away, we thought about trying this restaurant as well and went in.

Décor was nice and gave the restaurant a Rajasthani feel.

ghoomar restaurant cp

The service though, could have been better. Even though they bring water etc. to wash your hands, there are no towels, so you end up picking up the tissues from the table to try to dry your hands. Then the service seemed tad slow and for some strange reason, none of the waiters would listen to my female friend, though they would respond promptly, if I said the same thing!

Coming to the food, the thali consisted of nimbu-pani, masala chahach, Jodhpuri Mirchi Vada, Palak Pakoda, Paneer Raseela, Chole Aloo, Jaipuri Gatta, Rajwaadi Daal, Masala Kadhi, Matar Pulao, Marwadi Khicha, Daal-Baati, Mawa Churma, Roti, Jawar Roti, Makka Roti, Bikaneri Maalpua, Rajasthani Ludo and a few chutneys and achaar along with salad and papad.

I could not click all of the items in the thali, since they were served in batches and food was getting cold. Therefore, I waited as long as I could and then clicked this photo.


Strangely enough, even though salad was served, there was no onion in it, until my friend asked for it and then, I had to repeat what she said, in order for them to bring onion from another table!

Food for the most part was decent, though only a handful of items really tasted good. I liked the Kadhi, Chaach and Palak Pakoda, rest seemed just about all right.

Traditional taste was missing, at least in comparison to what I have eaten during my visits to Rajasthan.

Overall, the food and experience was just about ok. For Rs. 495 plus taxes per thali, the sheer variety and quantity of food was good. I just wish the food were tastier and service better. In comparison, Rajasthali was cheaper, with more variety of food and economical as well. However, Ghoomar manages to beat it with its location and decor.


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