Dhoomimal Art Gallery, Connaught Place

Fate, a four-letter word, which carries so much weight in the mind of those who believe in it. Therefore, let me begin by saying, as fate would have it, I visited the Dhoomimal Art Gallery in the A block of Connaught Place yesterday. Before this, even though I must have walked in front of this gallery hundreds if not thousands’ of times, I had never known, I was passing by the oldest art gallery in Connaught Place, without even so much of a thought as to peek in and view some of the art on display.


Spread over two floors, the Dhoomimal Art Gallery contains quite a few beautiful paintings on display and yet more, stacked in the side for the discernible customer.




Of all the paintings on display, a painting by Ratnadeep Adivrekar on the second floor caught my eye in particular. It was a painting of a Bombay local train loaded or rather overflowing with commuters and you could really feel the life and the struggles of all those present in that painting.

Apart from this, Head by Rakesh Kumar caught my fancy as well.

Even though my visit to the Dhoomimal Art Gallery was brief and I am not really an art connoisseur to be able to ponder of paintings and art pieces for hours, in an attempt to understand them. I nonetheless enjoyed my visit and would likely be doing it again soon.

Dhoomimal Art Centre
A8, Connanught Place, New Delhi-110001
Tel: 91-11-23324492, 23713025, 41516172
E-mail: [email protected]


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