Andrea’s Bar and Brasserie, Khan Market, Review

I know not what made me think of Pasta last night or the night before. However, I wanted to eat it and after spending a while at Starbucks, I went out in search of it and came across Andrea’s Bar and Brasserie.


It is located on the first floor and has a very elegant looking and comfortable interior. However, due to lack of space, it can seem noisier than it ought to be. However, the ambiance is wonderful and I loved it.


The service, for the most part, was fine, especially considering it was a Sunday night and they had 60-70% occupancy. Having said that, the least they can do is offer to refill your water glass when it becomes empty. It is the little attentions to the details that matter, sadly, it seemed to be missing here.

Coming to the food, I wanted to order Pesto Pasta; however, it was not available. So I had to settle for Penne Alfredo instead.


The portion size was good and the pasta itself seemed well cooked, though felt tad too salty for my taste. However, it was creamy and rich and thus I liked it, despite the saltiness. The garlic bread was cooked to perfection, though I wish it had a little more flavor of garlic.

Overall, I found Andrea’s Bar and Brasserie to be quite decent and a good place for lunch/dinner, especially for Italian cuisines. A little more attention to detail would have made it an excellent option. I paid Rs. 572 for veg penne alfredo pasta and this was inclusive of 10% service charge and GST.

Andrea’s Bar and Brasserie
Shop No. 12,
Khan Market,
New Delhi, Delhi 110003
Phone: 085888 23871


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