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Getting my motorcycle serviced tomorrow

Will be most probably heading to Iqbal’s workshop tomorrow, along with Manik and Sunil. The updated list of things I am going to get changed tomorrow: Clutch and pressure plates Swing arm Accelerator cable Clutch cable Speedometer cable (got busted a few days back, haven’t changed it yet) Headlight bulb […]

August 11, 2006

Getting motorcycle serviced

With almost every thing getting sorted out, my next worry is where to get my motorcycle serviced and prepared for my upcoming trip to ladakh. For over four years I have been going to the same service center in mayapuri with the exception of one service which I got it […]

August 7, 2006

money matters

With the days coming nearer and the itinerary getting almost finalized, cost implications are becoming ever so evident. With the itinerary in my mind involving, doing over 4000kms in 18days, the total trip expenditure including preparations are getting to almost Rs.20000 that too after removing one day and a destination […]

July 31, 2006

List of parts to be changed

I am thinking of keeping the front tyre and changing the rear FKR to a new one (front has done ~13k). List of parts to be changed: Swing arm Clutch Plates HT coil Spark Plug Front Shock oil and seals Air filter Headlight and bulb Hopefully this will be enough […]

July 27, 2006

Sonata enters PM residence

Two girls and a guy in a Hyundai Sonata managed to get inside the PM residence and were finally turned away from the second gate! They got inside the car and while turning back driver (yogita) was seen blowing kisses towards media! And even gave the interview to NDTV 24/7, […]

July 27, 2006

Growing every day

BCM Touring which I started around two months back is growing at a good pace now and it is good to see it is becoming what I want it to be. Even though small in size, she still has some information and resources which even the bigger travel portals/forums lack. […]

July 27, 2006

Picture getting clearer

Finally I made up my mind about two crucial things with regards to my upcoming trip to Ladakh. A. I will be carrying tent and sleeping bag even if I go solo (which I most probably will) and camp as much as possible, trying to experience Ladakh in the true […]

July 26, 2006

To camp or not

With this years ride being a solo one, I am still in two minds whether or not take a tent along. On one hand, it would be fun to do a bit of camping. Also it will give me freedom to travel on my own with no time restriction for […]

July 20, 2006

DOT confirms blocking of sites

As I thought, government has sent a list of websites to be blocked to the Department of Telecom. According to the report by rediff, the list runs into 22pages. Well the only complaint I have is government hasn’t yet made any statements regarding blocking the whole of blogspot. I just […]

July 17, 2006

Blogging the Ladakh Trip

I will be Blogging the Ladakh trip here and on Bike, Car and Motorcycle Touring Forum which I had started couple of months back. For the updates of the trip either visit this blog or check out this Ladakh 2006 thread at BCM Touring

July 17, 2006