Purana Quila

Purana Quila was built by Humayun in 1538 (construction started in 1533) and is believed to be standing on the the site of the ancient city of Indraprastha. Purana Quila is a good example of the utility over luxury. Unlike other forts from Mughal era, Purana Quila does not have any palaces, administrative and recreational buildings.

Purana Quila had three entrances; Talabi Darwaza, Humayun Darwaza and Bara Darwaza. Out of these only Bara Darwaza now remains open.

bara darwaza

As soon as one enters the fort, the imposing Qal'a-I-Kunha Masjid (masque) is visible.

Qal'a I Kunha Masjid

Qal'a-I-Kunha Masjid was built in 1541 by Sher Shah Suri, after he defeated Humayun and captured Delhi.

Qal'a I Kunha Masjid

Next to the masque is Sher Mandal, which was also built by Sher Shah Suri. After Humayun recaptured Delhi 1555, he converted it into to his library.

sher mandal