Surajkund craft mela 2007

A big thanks to Sunil for posting this thread regarding Surajkund Craft Mela, because of this Salil, Sunil, Manik and I, visited the Surajkund craft mela (fair) yesterday. While I knew this was going to be a fantastic opportunity for some photography, I didn’t realize how big an opportunity it was, until I was there and started taking photos. Needless to say I really enjoyed the fair, so here is a little tour of what we did and saw.

After meeting up near Apollo, all of us rode/drove down to the fair and after parking our vehicles, the first thing we saw was a huge set of tri color kites tied to a single rope:

After we were done photographing them we decided to photograph the real theme of this mela (fair), handicrafts. Nearly every shop/stall here is an handicraft shop:

handicraft shop

wooden car model

Next stop, one of the main reason this is a fantastic place for photographers, folk dancers:

rajasthani folk dancers

One could also call these desi jam sessions, since almost at all of the places there were more locals dancing to the tunes of folk music than the performers:

people joining in to dance

Usually at this juncture one expects men to be the one who would mob the stage while most of the ladies will stay away. However at Surajkund table seemed to have turned and it was the ladies who decided to take the center stage and decided to shake their booty…

girls geting naughty

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