Trip to Mansa Devi Temple

20th February 2009: Delhi - Karnal - Ambala - Zirakpur crossing - Panchkula - Mansa Devi Temple - Zirakpur crossing - Ambala - Karna Lake - Panipat - Delhi

It’s been a while since I had been planning to visit Mansa Devi Temple in Panchkula; I finally decided to visit it today. Initially the plan was to do a bit of sightseeing in Chandigarh as well, however due to other commitments; I had to be back in Delhi by 3:30pm.

Day started on a lazy note and I finally managed to start the trip by 4:30am.

Time for the customary flag off photo

starting from home

Since this was supposed to be short quick ride, I wasn’t carrying any bags and hence decided to take gloves which I normally use on warm days as they can be easily carried in pocket. Big mistake, as soon as I crossed bypass, I was left shivering! At one time I even cursed myself for not wearing the warm liner of my riding jacket.

First pit stop came in the form of breakfast stop at Zhilmil Dhaba near Karnal. Two heavy paneer paranthas and a cup of tea and it was time to get back on the road with next stop coming near Ambala.

sun rise near ambala

near ambala

Managed to reach Mansa Devi Temple by 9:20AM after getting lost in Panchkula for a while. After darshan and a cold drink, it was time to start the journey back (10:00AM). Took an entirely different route to reach Zirakpur crossing. After which it was smooth sailing, as the construction work on the Ambala – Chandigarh highway has finished and one is welcomed by the newly constructed 4 lane highway.

Stopped at roadside and took this photo, cheap alternative to a fish eye lens.

fish eye photo with spot lamp

Managed to reach near Karna Lake by around 12:15pm and decided to checkout the lake. Not much to look at, but cool wind was definitely good as the day was getting hotter by the moment.

Families were having a good time by boating in the lake

boating in karna lake

While couples were having a good time amongst themselves.

karna lake

Rest of the ride was pretty straight forward as I decided against stopping anywhere and just continued to ride on the smooth NH-1, barring a couple breaks to stretch the legs.

karnal - delhi highway

This also meant that I hadn’t had anything to drink or eat since the cold drink at Mansa Devi Parking lot. This factor hit hard when I reached Delhi border and temperature just shot up by 5-6 degree! Add that to the chaotic situation around bypass and riding jacket and I was literally burning! Wasted plenty of time and a lot of sweat in negotiating through traffic filled streets and finally managed to reach home by 3pm after 10 and a half hour day trip to Mansa Devi.

Kilometers clocked: 540kms

Expenditure: Breakfast Rs. 60, Cold drink: Rs. 12