Pushkar Camel fair

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Once we got off the road and started riding in the sand, all of us forgot all about searching for camping ground and instead started enjoying the offroading experience on our bikes.

My sweetheart in the middle of the desert:

my bike in the middle of desert at pushkar

the gang at pushkar in the middle of the desert my steed and the primitive steed manik posing

After we were through with offroading Manik and rest decided to go hunting for the camping ground while Salil, Nitin, Lavkesh and I decided to stay back and photograph this haunted tree:

the haunted tree

After half an hour the rest of the gang returned having finalized the camping spot. All of us then headed back to Pink Floyd to get tents, sleeping bags and other camping essentials. After loading our motorcycles with camping essentials we headed back to the camp ground, when we finally reached the place it was totally dark. That meant setting up tents under the illumination of moon, our motorcycles headlight and couple of torches.

After jostling with the tents we finally managed to set them up, now it was time to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

camping in the middle of desert

camp fire

manik lighting his cigrate

bon fire

Even though all of us were tired we chatted with each other for hours, in the end Vivek, Hitanshu, Joel and I were left chatting while every one was deep asleep. When we finally decided to go for sleep, Joel and I discovered that every one has slept in a manner that left little or no space for us. Both of didn't wanted to wakeup six people so we could squeeze in, so instead of doing that we decided to ride back to the hotel at 1am! While doing so we pickup a wrong trail which forced us to ride through some knee high thorn bushes! Finally we made it to the hotel at 2am and went to sleep.

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