Jamwa Ramgarh Tal

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But as soon as we left the banks of the lake and came back to the road, we saw an oasis on the opposite side. Rain or no Rain, we just couldn't let go of the opportunity to explore this place.

oasis near jamwa ramgarh tal

Manik once again decided to do some offroading, a sharp u turn on the soft sand, saw him on the edge, trying hard not to go down.

manik backing his bike

In case you are wondering, he did manage to get his bike back on track...

manik riding bike in desert

With such a beautiful scenery, we spent almost an hour taking photos.

manik posing

fantastic view

my bike

By 2o'clock we were back on the road...

my bike

This time we decide to take the road to Raiser

road to Raiser

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