Jamwa Ramgarh Tal

It’s been a long time since I went for a long ride; Salil was also desperate to go for ride after recovering from the accident on his previous trip. As for Manik, well he was ready as usual.

The plan for the trip began with Salil spotting a lake near Jaipur, on google earth. The only information we got of the net was the name of the lake and a few satellite photos. Even after repeated attempts we were unable to find any photos of the lake. This further enticed us to explore, Jamwa Ramgarh Tal.

10th March, 2006 (Delhi – Jamwa Ramgarh Tal – Delhi)

Even though I had set the alarm for 5o’clock, I woke up by 4:30am and by 5:30am I was on my way to Gurgaon to meet Manik and Salil. When I reached the Shiv Murti petrol pump, the duo were waiting for me. Soon we were on our way to Jamwa Ramgarh Tal.

Even though we were cruising at 80-90kmph, empty highway and continues riding for the next hour and half ensured that we took our first break 100kms from Delhi. After having a cup of tea, we decided to ride till Shahpura non stop. An hour and half and 100kms later, we were at Shahpura and it was time for breakfast.

Three generations of Bajaj Pulsar 180's (from left to right; Salil's 2004 model 180 DTSi v1, Manik's 2006 model 180 DTSi v2, my 2002 model 180 Classic).

our bikes at a nh 8 dhaba

After breakfast, we asked the Dhaba owner about the route to Jamwa Ramgarh Tal. According to him, we would have to go to the outskirts of Jaipur and then take a diversion for there. According to the map that I had, there was an highway just after Shahpura that would lead to the lake, but the dhaba owner was not sure if it was completed. We decided to heed to his advice and decided to ride till Jaipur and then take the diversion from there.

After asking for direction couple of times, we were finally on the state road that went to Jamwa Ramgarh Tal. After riding on the scenic state road, we reached Jamwa Ramgarh Tal by 11:30.

we at Jamwa ramgarh tal

Although the lake was a bit dry, but it looked magnificent none the less

jamwa ramgarh tal

jamwa ramgarh tal

After spending an hour enjoying peace and serenity, we decided to have some fun.

Manik riding in sand (Photo Courtesy : Salil):

manik offroading

Time for me to kick some dirt (photo courtesy : Salil):

me doing offroading

Salil getting stuck in sand

salil doing offroad riding

salil posing with his stuck bike

our bikes

Time flies when you are having fun and we realized it was getting darker and rain could start any moment and we were 270kms+ away from home. We decided to head back, but as soon as we left the banks of lake...

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