Independence Day Trip to Dalhousie, Chamba and Sach Pass


Planning for the Independence Day Trip started couple of month’s back, as it become apparent, that I wouldn’t be able to take 2-3 weeks off for my now annual trip to Ladakh. With less than a week in hand, I started searching for places which would not only satisfy my hunger for adventure, but also provide ample opportunity for photography.

In the end, Varun and I choose Sach Pass. A decision not only based upon its reputation as one of the toughest pass in India, but also due to the fact that we would pass through Chamba and Lahaul, two extremely scenic districts in Himachal Pradesh. 15th August was chosen as the date of departure, owing to its historic and symbolic significance (India’s Independence Day).

Given the nature of the trip, one would think that every step would have been meticulously planned and executed to perfection and initially this is what we tried to do. However as time of departure drew nearer, things started to go haywire. On the one hand, my motorcycle wasn’t feeling alright as she seemed unwilling to rev beyond 5,000rpm and rough throughout the rev range. On the other I was already feeling feverish for past couple of days and getting completely drenched twice on the 14th of August, didn’t help either.

Varun’s health was in a similar state, so we decided to delay our departure by couple of hours to ensure we got at least some rest before the trip.

Day 1: Delhi - Pathankot - Dalhousie

Day 2: Dalhousie - Khajjiar - Chamba - Gati (Part-1)

Day 2: Gati - Tissa - Satrundi (Part-2)

Day 3: Satrundi - Sach Pass (Part-1)

Day 3: Sach Pass - Bhugotu (Part-2)

Day 4: Bhugotu - Sach Pass - Satrundi - Bairagarh -Bhanjraroo

Day 5: Bhanjraroo - Banikhet - Pathankot

Day 6: Pathankot - Jalandhar - Ambala - Delhi