Return to the Himalayas, Sarahan

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17th April 2006 Sarahan – Rampur

After a good night sleep, we woke up to a cold morning. Just the thing we needed, after the hot weather of Delhi. But the things weren’t looking good for the rest of the day, with slight drizzle going on. Even then the view from hotel room was spectacular.

view from the hotel room

By 9 o’clock we were ready and had packed up and mounted luggage on our bike. With a slight drizzle still continuing, we decided to head to a small village named Rangkori. According to the hotel manager, this was the last village that was accessible by road. After some time, weather started clearing up. Now it was time to take out our cams and start clicking.

dirt road to Rangkori

dirt road to Rangkori

After we crossed Rangkori village, the dirt road stated to deteriorate.

road under construction after rangkori

Here we spoke with a few road workers, who told us that this dirt road ends a km from here. But the road under construction was looking too appealing to miss out on, so we decided to press on.

offroading trail

me offroading

salil's bike

After we had enough, we decided to head back. But before we could do that, we had to take couple of more shots of our babes.

our bikes

my bike

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