Trip to Vrindavan

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After we reached the Banke-Bihari temple we found almost every one was gone, barring a few devotees leaving us ample opportunity to photograph the temple.

A devotee praying...

devotee praying


devotees praying

After a while it was time for us to leave, even though I wanted to spend more time but sadly this was the end of our brief stay in Vrindavan, however I wasn't going to leave without getting a few more shots...

Flowers for Puja


A kid who was jumping up and down to get his photo clicked...


By 2 o'clock we were back on the highway heading for home, here I decided to shoot some videos while riding my motorcycle by controlling her from one hand and shooting the video with the camera held in my left hand.

Video 1

Video 2

After a bit of riding it was time for lunch, after lunch we started heading back towards Delhi and most of the ride from here on was a breeze and without incident. Barring the light showers we faced before Faridabad, however that helped cool the temperature down a bit making the ride all the more fun and easy.

We reached Delhi by 5:30 and stopped to say goodbye to each other and take the last shot of the day...

time to go home

Overall it was a nice fun ride and different from the rides I had been doing lately. Though I only covered 336kms in 13hours and only clicked 130photos, but at the same time I learned a lot about Indian Culture, Hinduism, Photography, Philosophy. And with the total cost of the trip including fuel, breakfast, lunch, cold drinks, sweets for the family totaling to Rs. 500 (roughly US$ 11) it was a ride to remember.

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