Trip to Vrindavan

When I first started planning this ride, I thought of going to some where in Rajasthan. However it wasn't until the BCM Touring and Indiamike meet that I first thought of Vrindavan, with almost every one attending the meet recommending us to go for it we decided to keep the destination as Vrindavan.

14th October 2006 5:00AM, time to kick start the ride...

I left my home at 5 in the morning to reach Sarita Vihar, where Manik and Salil were suppose to meet me. The duo showed up ten minutes later, however before we leaving it was time for a photo, even though there was hardly any light apart from the street lights...

manik posing

By 5:55AM we were on the road heading towards Vrindavan, I was riding on the NH-2 for the first time and a nice open highway combined with cool breeze was just the thing I needed. After riding for roughly an hour we decided to take our first break and at the same time click some photography of the Sunrise taking place before our eyes...


All of us were feeling a bit hungry, so we started looking for a good and quite place to eat. We chanced upon a quite little Dhaba and decided to stop there...

our bikes

Bad decision on our part, since a quite eating joint also meant that they hadn't started cooking breakfast yet! While we relaxed and took photographs the kitchen crew was leisurely cooking tea and breakfast, which took over half an hour to cook! When we were through with the breakfast we found we had lost almost an hour here, however since we had only 80kms more to cover to reach Vrindavan none of us mind the delay. In fact as soon as we got on the road and rode for roughly 25-30kms, we decide to take another photo stop...

my bike and the highway

Once we were through clicking photos we decided to ride non-stop for the next 50-55 odd kms to Vrindavan and managed to reach there in less then an hour.

vrindavan gate

Now we were on the holy grounds of Vrindavan where Lord Krishna was raised by Yasoda and Nanda. This makes Vrindavan a holy place for Hindus, a fact mirrored by the numerous temples and devotees present in Vrindavan.

We decided to first visit the most famous temple in Vrindavan called Banke-Bihari temple, which was constructed in 1864. When we entered the temple we were awestruck by the statue of Banke-Bihari (Lord Krishna), unfortunately no one is allowed to take photographs of the statue. However we were told that if we came back at 12o'clock the gates to prayer room would be closed and we could then take photographs of the rest of the temple. We decided to wait till 12 o'clock and in the mean while decided to visit ISKCON temple situated a km from there. The architecture of the ISKCON temple was quite impressive, however we were told that we couldn't even take photographs of the outside of the temple, let alone of the inside! That news saddened me a bit, since one of the aim of this trip was to do photography and ISKCON temple was on top of my list for it.

After having refreshments we started discussing where to go next, Salil suggested we go to the a temple on the outskirts of Vrindavan that he had seen while we were coming here. With almost an hour to spare, we headed down to the place and found it was another ISKCON temple! Once again we were told that we couldn't take photographs of the temple, however the guard also informed us that we could get a permission from the temple authorities to do so. It cheered us up a bit and after parking our steeds we headed inside the temple.

When we reached inside the temple we met a priest there, at first he told us that we couldn't take photographs of the temple. However when I told him that I am the editor of BCMTouring and the nature of our visit, we were allowed to take photographs. Since I thought it would be inappropriate for all three of us to start taking photographs, I told Salil to take photographs while Manik and I started talking to the priest regarding the philosophies of ISKCON, at the same time I introduced him to the philosophies that I had as a tourer and a biker.

Photo Courtesy: Salil

radha krishan

Click the photograph to view a larger one

iskon temple

We spoke for almost half an hour discussing Hinduism and other aspects of today's life. After which it was time to bid goodbye and we headed back to Banke-Bihari temple.

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